Troy University celebrates 50 years of the Hall School of Journalism.

Troy University‘s Hall School of Journalism and Communication hit the milestone of its 50th anniversary.

A jam-packed day of events were planned to celebrate including Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. unveiling the new slogan for the Hall School, “Shaping ethical and trustworthy communicators.”

“You hear a lot about fake news in today’s world of journalism,” says Hawkins. “You actually experience fake news. We don’t want to be guilty of that. We want our graduates to be focused on reporting the truth not becoming the news but reporting the news in a truthful and ethical way.”

The new slogan was created through a contest initiated by Chancellor Hawkins. The winning entry was submitted by Jim Kerlin.

“If the students can learn to communicate truthfully in every communication that they do whether it’s for public consumption or otherwise, if they do that ethically and if they do that telling the truth with integrity, then naturally that trust and credibility will follow,” says Kerlin.

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