Troy University’s Trojan Outreach brings awareness to domestic violence through the Clothesline Project.

Troy University‘s Trojan Outreach hung out the dirty laundry associated with domestic violence to close out Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Clothesline Project was an event designed to bring attention to the facts and figures related to domestic violence.

Students got the chance to tell their stories through designing t-shirts with uplifting messages and hanging them on a clothesline set up on the main quad.

“All these shirts displayed these were created by organizations here on campus as well as victims of domestic violence and survivors just to kind of show support for all the survivors that are out there and let people tell their stories,” says Trojan Outreach Peer Educator Jace Mitcham.

Some might call the topic of domestic violence a touchy subject but Trojan Outreach incorporated a way to bring awareness to the campus through visual art and positive and open engagement.

“I think it’s definitely a taboo subject,” says Mitcham. “So a lot of people are going to come by and they’re maybe not going to understand but this is an issue that definitely exists within the campus and it’s something that’s not talked about a lot so our goal is really to just get that conversation started.”

Peer educators feel that seeing the messages in a display like the clothesline will help students become more aware of the issue on campus.

“The Clothesline Project in itself it’s a way to be visual,” says Trojan Outreach Peer Educator J Miller. “You can actually see it and that kind of resonates with people when they can see it and read the stories of people and read encouraging quotes and the way that resonates with people will stick with them better.”

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