Troy University Trojan Outreach’s Black Hole Project gives students a chance to eliminate stress.

Troy University‘s Trojan Outreach brought their Black Hole Project to the main quad asking students to take things that stress them out and throw them away into a black hole.

“We have little note cards and we asked them to write down things that stresses them out a little bit,” says Peer Educator Qunitin Moore. “After that they throw it away and the symbolism of them throwing it away is them acknowledging the fact that they’re stressed about it and them throwing it away is trying their best not to stress about it anymore.”

Every month Trojan Outreach has a new theme, for the month of November their theme is stress relief.

“Stress is a very high factor in on college campuses with college students dealing with different finances, classes, getting things done outside of the college campus,” says Moore. “So I really feel like this month is a very important topic to discuss on college campuses because not many people really talk about it and not many people know how to properly deal with it.”

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