Troy University’s Trojan Outreach encourages students to share positive affirmations.

Confidence is not always an easy mindset to stay in, especially for college students.

Tuesday TROY‘s Trojan Outreach program gave students a way to keep themselves uplifted while uplifting their fellow peers through written affirmations.

“We made little cards and we’re having people write affirmations or just like a word of encouragement to all the TROY students,” says Trojan Outreach Peer Educator Tori Bruce. “Then they can also pick up one that a student has already written. So it’s really nice getting people just to notice like what they love about themselves and what they love about others.”

Students wrote down a positive affirmation and placed their note in a pile for another student to pick up and take with them.

“We think a lot about like ourselves and our appearance and how we show ourselves to other people,” says Bruce. “And this event helps kind of get people out of their own heads thinking about others not just themselves as far as like writing something else that someone else might want to hear.”

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