Applications are now open for the Troy University Student Government Association Senate Vacancy Election.

Troy University‘s Student Government Association is in its second week of senate meetings however the seats at those meetings are not completely full and the SGA is currently looking for new senators to fill vacancies left after the fall semester.

“Right now we’re really working on our vacancy elections,” says SGA President Maxwell George. “We have fourteen available spots in the senate. We’re looking forward to students to be able to come out and apply for those applications. We have housing applications. We have at large seats. Plenty opportunities for the students to get involved and be able to be a part of SGA and expand their opportunities in leadership here at Troy University.”

The senate vacancy election is one of three different applications currently available for students through the SGA.

“Right now on our SGA Instagram there’s a link tree link in our bio.” says George. “If you click that link tree, it will take you to all three applications. We also have most outstanding women applications and also Mr. and Ms. Trojan Pride applications there as well. So go and apply for those because they’re all right there in that link tree.”

The application link can be found here.

The deadline to apply for the senate vacancy election will be Wednesday, February 2nd.

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