Troy University holds 2nd Annual Rashad McClaney Blood Drive

Troy University’s Black Student President’s Council hosted the second annual Rashad McClaney blood drive with the goal of collecting over 50 pints of blood.

“I think it’s very important as somebody with a military background,” says Omega Psi Phi President Roberto Earle-Lynch. “I’ve been in situations where I know blood was important to save a lot of lives so I’m very much appreciative of the people who give back.”

For some people giving blood is just a simple task but for others it can mean a lot more.

Rashad McClaney, who the drive is honoring was a blood donor himself.

“Sadly Rashad was a past student of Troy University a few years ago,” says Earle-Lynch. “Around time period of homecoming, he sadly lost his life due to some tragic events. However the minority students council decided that it was best to host the blood drive in his name and it’s been going on for a little while now.”

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