Troy University’s Sorrell 360 Center holds Women’s Business Symposium

Being an entrepreneur was at one point in time a man’s business, however Troy University‘s new Sorrell 360 Center for Professional Life held a symposium focusing on the success of women in the business world.

The women’s symposium was held for students that have an interest in becoming business owners in the future.

“There’s excellence out everywhere on this campus and we had an opportunity to highlight excellence in our community,” says Sorrell 360 Career Success & Professional Development Coordinator Patrick George. “Everybody on that stage had different backgrounds. They had entrepreneurs. They had people who had distributorships, franchises, everything and I think that was beneficial to anybody who thought maybe I can and we just showed them seven women who did.”

The women’s symposium brought a new perspective to students that may not have the confidence to step out on their own business venture but the women speaking on the panel kept it real and shared their most vulnerable moments.

“Each of those women shared their heart, their inadequate feelings, their mistakes, their faux pas,” says Troy University First Lady Janice Hawkins. “That’s what captivated me and made me think about my own.”

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