International Trade Show takes students around the world

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students taking the Managing in a Global Environment class hosted this year’s Sorrell College of Business (SCOB) International Trade Show.

The trade show is a annual event that encourages students to learn about other countries, their cultures and the people who live there. Students are divided into groups and are expected to work together.

“A lot of the units in class have been about transplant workers, those who go to other countries to work,” said student Julia Mueller. “I think this is giving us a basis of how to research, and how to do that in the future if we are in that situation.”

Over the course of the semester, students are required to do extensive research about an assigned country. They must learn about its economy, food, clothing and culture. Then students are required to act as representatives of the country during the show.

“It was definitely extensive,” said student Abbie Haygood. “There was a lot that went into it, but we took it incrementally, week by week, planning and organizing. It all really came together in the last two weeks.”

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Not only did the project allow students to learn about the global market, it also allowed them to learn about a place that’s foreign.

“There’s hundreds of millions of people that you can reach just from Austria and I didn’t expect the number to be that big, but it is such a bridge to the entirety of the European Union,” Haygood explained.

In addition to their research, students were tasked with creating displays that represented their country. Booths featured economic and cultural information, as well as food and music. Some students also chose to dress in styles that correlated to their country.

The trade show was also a competition. Judges ranked the student groups on their knowledge, presentation and extra touches.

The trade show is in lieu of a final exam for the class.

TrojanVision is working to learn who the winners of this year’s show.