GEEKS hold Trivia Night at B. Graves

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Tuesday night students from the Sorrell College of Business proved their knowledge via trivia.

The student-operated Deans Advisory Board held a trivia night at B. Graves to let students show off their skills.

“The new Deans Advisory Board has just gotten together and this is our first event of the year,” said junior Camille Trochessett. “We are, hopefully, going to do these trivia nights more often maybe like once a month.”

The GEEKS plan to hold events like “Geeks Night Out” out to give students the chance to mix business with fun.

“We’re learning how to network with people like we kind of already are familiar with so I feel like it’s practice with networking and everything without us even really realizing it because we’re in somewhere that’s comfortable,” Trochessett explained. “We come too often with people that we’ve kind of already know.”

According to Trochessett, members are looking forward to more exciting events coming in the New Year.

“We’re also going to have Geek Week in the spring so it’s basically like an extension of homecoming week or Greek Week. It’ll be like all about the College of Business. We might have a band party so we’re just hoping to build up excitement about all of the events that we’ll throw in the next year.”

Want to see some more Geeks in action? Some members will be participating in this year’s Jingle Fest Holiday Market — a business event that lets local entrepreneurs share their work and network within the Troy Community.