‘Catching Connections’ event bring employers and TROY students together

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Tuesday afternoon, the Sorrell College of Business held its inaugural Catching Connections networking event in Hal Hall.

The networking event brought students face to face with potential employers.

“It was a social networking event to kind of showcase our students here at the University to different organizations that are here in Alabama,” said Marketing Club President Madison Ward.

Organizers wanted students to gain networking opportunities, find new career paths, and build new connections.

“It gave students an opportunity to make the connections they need but also get internship exposure,” Ward explained. “See what opportunities are right here under their nose. I hope they were able to gain different connections in the field that they want to go in but also exposure for internships.”

One business representative said she was impressed by students’ preparation.

“I’m just looking around the room at these students today, they’re dressed so professionally, they’ve got the handshake, I mean they’ve been doing all the right things,” said Field Representative Melanie Hill. “Their resumes look good and so I hope they walk away with learning how to engage and have that professional conversation.”

One student who attended the event said she hopes to gain new business opportunities that coincide with her major.

“Being a business major with Sorrell at Troy University I feel it will open up new doors and new experiences for upcoming graduates,” said business student Maya Salone.

Sorrell College’s next event will be a simple-self and mental health assessment on Saturday, Nov. 18.