Trojan Baseball and Softball teams hold Fan Day to kick off the season

On Saturday the Troy University Baseball and Softball teams held their annual fan day which gives fans the opportunity to meet their favorite players face to face.

“Of course being my first year here, the first experience doing it where the fans get to come in here and obviously hear from softball and meet their players and hear from baseball and see all the players up close and personal and get a little face time with them and stand out here on the field and get with the inflatables out there in left and just have a little bit of fun,” says Trojan Baseball Head Coach Skylar Meade.

Fans lined up at the autographed tables to have their posters signed by the players and were encouraged to grab some food to enjoy on the field.

Fan day is not only great for fans but for the players as well.

“Fan day is just a day that we get to come and meet our fans that are going to come watch us and support us,” says Trojan Softball Player Adia Polk. “It’s just a great way to meet little kids who are aspiring softball or baseball players and even just meet the adults that just want to support us and just love us and be there for us while we’re while we’re playing.”

“We love this day,” says Trojan Baseball Player Rigsby Mosley. “All the fans come out get to interact with the players and we get to see all the fans and put a face to the name and it’s really awesome day for not only the baseball team but the softball team as well, just everyone in general.”

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