Troy University’s Trojan Outreach educates student about safe sex through Coffee and Condoms

The topic of safe sex can be a taboo subject but Monday Troy University’s Trojan Outreach program reeled students in with a cup of coffee and the option to take a condom.

Students could grab a cup of coffee and pick up condoms as Trojan Outreach leaders spoke with students about the importance of being safe.

“I think it brings awareness,” says Education Outreach Specialist LaRita Bighems. “We’re all about prevention, STI prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, and I think just having the students even see us and learn about the students at the Trojan Outreach. Just to know that those condoms are available to them all the other information is available. We just want everybody to be safe. I know that talking about condoms and STIs is like a taboo or it’s a hush hush type of situation we just want to say it’s okay to ask those questions. It’s okay to get the information. That’s kind of what we do.”

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