Troy University plays host to Southeast Alabama Model United Nations.

Middle schoolers from all over the southeast were on Troy University‘s campus not to represent their school but to represent other nations through Model U.N.

“This is the Southeast Alabama Model United Nations assembly and it is actually a writing competition for students,” says Executive Director of Education Outreach Dr. Robin Bynum. “They have to demonstrate their speaking ability, their writing ability and their leadership ability in this mock session of the United Nations.”

The Southeast Alabama Model United Nations assembly is a two-day process here on campus.

Students from each school participating are expected to pick a country, identify issues within the nation and write a resolution to present to other countries in attendance.

“They had to research the country first of all,” says Bynum. “Identify a need of that country. Identify resources of those countries and write a resolution. But, that resolution has to be something that could actually go before the United Nations assembly. So they have to understand the actual workings of the United Nations.”

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