Troy University’s Trojan Outreach teaches Spring Break Safety through “drinking” games.

The week before Troy University‘s spring break, TROY’s Trojan Outreach program dedicated the week to spring break safety.

Each day of the week consisted of a different drinking game, without the alcohol.

The goal was to inform students about how to have fun without putting themselves in danger.

“I think what’s really cool about this event and what I really enjoy about it is a lot of these things that we’re discussing and the questions the scenarios we’re giving students they already know,” says Peer Educator Tori Bruce. “The answers they already know. Like what they would do. So it’s just kind of like getting them, getting students, to realize okay I have these tools. I have the knowledge to help someone if I see someone that something going down that is not good.”

The winner of a game would receive a tip or fact about common problems that students could face while enjoying spring break festivities.

“All this stuff happens on spring break because people are not being safe and they’re not being careful,” says Bruce. “So we just want to raise awareness of these things such as alcohol and drugs and just things like being an active bystander. Just for them to remember it going into the spring break week.”

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