Troy University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon smashes a car to raise money for epilepsy philanthropy

The sound of a hammer smashing metal signaled fundraising for a greater cause for one Troy University fraternity.

Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity let student smash a truck with a sledgehammer as a part of their philanthropy week in hopes to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama.

Their event Thursday afternoon also gave students the opportunity to let out some pin-up anger while supporting those in need.

“This is our smash a car event,” says DKE Philanthropy Chair Christian Delburn. “It’s one of our many events for our philanthropy week. We’re doing this in honor of our late brother, Samuel Boyd, who died from a sudden unexpected death of epilepsy last year during April. We really do this to carry on his legacy and also to raise money and awareness for epilepsy foundation.”

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