Alabama Boys’ State taking place at Troy University

Troy University is playing host to Alabama Boys’ State.

Rising high school senior boys that have shown leadership qualities in their school are chosen from all around the state to attend the summer program where they will spend a week immersed in state government.

“At Boys’ State we have essentially like a mock government of Alabama,” says Boys’ State Delegate Sai Korrapati. “There’s a bunch of positions such as the judiciary positions or running for legislation and what we’re learning is about how our government works and I think it’s really useful because we’re learning about the responsibilities of and the citizenship of how government works and what you need to do in order to run for it.”

The boys are grouped into different Alabama cities where they can run for local positions and later state positions.

Those who decide to run for office must give a speech and present their platform to all boys in attendance. The chosen Boys’ State students will then vote on each position and select leaders for their mock Alabama government.

“We want to teach them about citizenship and about service and about government and hopefully spark their interests and get them involved in their communities,” says Boys’ State Director Judge Pete Johnson.

Boys’ State has been held at the University of Alabama for the past 15 years but Chancellor Hawkins secured Boys’ State to be held at Troy University this year with around 450 students in attendance.

“We’ve had a really good experience here at TROY,” says Johnson. “We put it out for bids for a three-year contract and Troy University and Dr. Hawkins saw the benefit of getting these outstanding young men on his campus. We’re delighted that they’re here on campus at Troy.”

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