Troy University freezes tuition and eliminates extra fees for the 2022-2023 school year

Troy University will freeze tuition for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

The university is also keeping the Clear Cost Plan which reduces fees that students pay and create single tuition prices for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

“We are most fortunate that our administration saw fit for this fall to freeze tuition,” says Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Buddy Starling. “I think at a time when we’re all suffering the the pains of inflation whether it be gas or whether it be groceries or whether it be travel we can all appreciate as consumers the fact that this university, Troy University, saw fit to freeze tuition.”

There will be no extra mandatory fees added on to the price of tuition making the cost of tuition per credit hour one single price. This makes the tuition for undergraduate students at TROY lower than combined tuition and fees for undergraduate students at all other Alabama four-year public universities.

“Last year we made a move to not charge any mandatory fees that you typically see charged on any college campus anywhere,” says Starling. “So you get one price here, it’s tuition and it’s frozen for the fall, and I think that benefits us all and I think that comes as particularly good news to students and parents both current and new students.”

All Troy University campuses will be implementing the tuition freeze and the Clear Cost Plan.

Undergraduates will pay $388 per credit hour, graduates will pay $475 per credit hour and doctoral students will pay $550 per credit hour.

“We have one standard price for undergraduate tuition and a standard price for graduate tuition whether you’re taking classes online whether you’re in the classroom,” says Starling. “So every location associated with Troy University is charged the same tuition price.”

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