Troy University Student Government Association working to get international students more involved in on-campus elections.

Imagine moving from across the world for college to a place you’re unfamiliar with.

Different customs food and culture are some of the first challenges that come to mind.

Troy University is often tagged as Alabama’s International University which means that the university faces these issues every year with the incoming international population but one perhaps overlooked aspect is how to vote for your best interests in an election.

“They come from different countries where their election processes are a little bit different than ours,” says SGA Vice President of Internal Affairs Jane Vickers. “Especially when they come to this campus they don’t really know SGA and that’s on us and so he really wanted to build that connection with them.”

One of those ways will be an informational table set up during the fall senate vacancy election to help with any questions students might have about voting.

“The booth is hopefully going to be in the international office which is more accessible to international students because even domestic students don’t really know where the SGA office is,” says Vickers.

While there has always been a designated international representative for the SGA, Vickers says they want students to look at other ways to be involved with SGA.

“we have a seat for the international students but we really, really want more students to run for their college or their housing district,” says Vickers. “And this will maybe get them a little bit more involved in SGA and help us have more international students represented in the senate.”

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