Troy University addresses new concealed carry law in Alabama

Looking to conceal carry on campus? Think again.

“Guns are not allowed on campus,” says University Police Chief George Beaudry. “Not in our buildings. Not in our dorms. Not out in open areas or public places.

But what about in our cars?

“Guns are allowed in vehicles under certain specific conditions,” says Beaudry.

These conditions include keeping your gun hidden from view and locked in a secure compartment.

“A locked glove compartment is okay,” says Beaudry. “A small gun locker or gun box with a lock on it with gun in there locked under a seat hidden from view, fine. In a trunk, fine.:

Not fine, in a middle console or anywhere that can’t be locked. If an officer finds a gun that isn’t secured the consequences could be severe, suspension up to expulsion, and those consequences will apply to everyone.

For the full story watch Emma’s report.