TUPD: Athletes’ parents are being targeted by phone scammers

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — TROY parents, beware; the Troy University Police Department (TUPD) says scam calls are targeting students’ parents.

It was a normal day for Troy University softball player D’aun Riggs. That is, until her coach told her team to be on the lookout for a scam that seems to be primarily affecting Troy University athletes.

“Before practice the other day, our coach sat us down and was like, ‘Just letting y’all know, some people are being affected, being blackmailed and being told that their student athletes are in jail and they need $1,000 to get them out’,” Riggs said.

According to TUPD, scammers call students’ parents and tell them that their student is in jail at the Troy University Police Department. They then ask parents to send money via Cash App as a way to pay bond.

“The Troy University Police Department, nor most any other law enforcement agency, will not operate that way. We will never ask parents to Cash App or Venmo funds for any reason.”

Troy University Police Chief George Beaudry

The Troy University Police Department doesn’t have a jail. If your Troy University student were to get into the kind of trouble where they would need to be placed in jail, that call would likely come from the Pike County Jail.

Beaudry urges students to warn their parents about these types of scams.

“We just want everybody to know that they should always be skeptical of that type of a phone call,” Beaudry said.

In order to keep her family safe, Riggs has a code word with her parents.

“That’s what a lot of people are trying to do, like, a code word so they’re like, oh, is this actually you?” Riggs said.

If you are ever concerned about the validity of a phone call from the TUPD, call the department at (334) 670-3215.