Three arrested in connection with on-campus car burglaries

Three people face multiple charges after police say they broke into several cars along Pell Avenue or what’s most commonly known as Fraternity Row.

“We received a report from a resident on Fraternity Row that the night before his vehicle had been broken into,” says University Police Chief George Beaudry. “He reported that a firearm as well as some electronic equipment was stolen from his vehicle.”

When officers responded they realized it wasn’t just one car that had been burglarized.

“Based on some of the cameras that we have down there that not only was one vehicle but numerous vehicles along Fraternity Row had been unlawfully entered.”

According to Beaudry officers quickly turned to recently installed license plate cameras to locate the suspect’s vehicle.

“That vehicle information led us to suspect information,” says Beaudry. “Which led us to the ability to obtain a couple of search warrants for houses in the city of Troy. Evidence suggests that these three subjects spent the entire overnight hours going into vehicles both on and off campus.”

At last check police are searching for additional victims if you believe your car was impacted during these burglaries you are urged to contact the University Police Department.

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