Troy University’s Trojan Outreach helps give students a boost in self-esteem

Trojan Outreach is a group on TROY’s campus with the aim of promoting wellness and education to the TROY student community and they did just that with a booth and the Trojan Center focused around the issue of self-esteem.

“We are talking about self-esteem,” says Trojan Outreach Peer Educator Jazmin Laney. “Because we feel like now, especially with social media, that self-esteem for everybody is kind of going down so we want to tell people that, ‘Hey, your qualities are positive, they’re valid and that they matter’ and so we just are trying to lift people up.”

Getting the right fuel your body needs can play a big part in your mental health because of that a healthy snack of a granola bar and water was available at the booth for students to get an extra energy boost before class.

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