Meet TROY women’s basketball player Sharonica Hartsfield

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — A Troy University athlete says she wants her heart to be on and off the court.

Sophomore Sharonica Hartsfield plays guard for TROY’s Women’s Basketball team. According to her bio, Hartsfield stared at Putnam City West in Oklahoma City, Okla., where she was a three-year varsity member.

“You know me, I’m just always going to be myself,” Hartsfield said. “People always gravitate towards me because of my outgoing personality.”

“Ronnie (Sharonica) is my line sister, and she’s really a funny and caring person,” said Aaliyah Mason, Hartsfield’s sorority sister in Sigma Gamma Rho. “If you’re having a bad day, just go talk to Ronnie, because she’s going to cheer you up and you’re going to forget whatever is going on in your day.”

Hartsfield’s friends say her personality is what makes her fun to be around. But Hartsfield says she wasn’t always outgoing.

“My first two years here at TROY I didn’t really talk a lot, but I feel like when I did join my sorority it forced me to open up and form those relationships,” Hartsfield explained. “I would say I felt like I wanted to join my sorority for one because they were different. They always stood out to me.”

“I’m really proud of Ronnie, because it takes a lot being a college student, an athlete and being a part of a sorority,” Mason said. “That takes a lot. She has a calendar in her phone, so that’s how she knows what she has to do with basketball, or what she’s got to do with the sorority, and then she’ll let us know if she needs help with something.”

Originally from Oklahoma, Hartsfield says it has been a long journey to get to where she is now.

“I’ve been playing basketball since I was three,” Hartsfield explained. ” I started playing for my brother, because I used to want to be a cheerleader, but my mom was like, ‘no, I don’t raise cheerleaders, I raise athletes.'”

The off season is slowly coming to an end for the TROY Women’s Basketball team. Both Hartsfield and her sorority sisters say they are excited for the season.

“We’re really just to see her do what her passion is; what makes her happy,” Mason said. “We’re just proud of her; can’t wait to see her this season.”

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