Women’s basketball dominates USA, heading to SBC tournament

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — It’s official: the TROY’s women’s basketball team has entered the post season tournament as the No. 2 seed.  

During Friday’s matchup against South Alabama, TROY shot above 50% from the field and scored 21 turnovers defensively. This resulted in a major victory against South Albama. 

“We just had the best week,” said head coach Chanda Rigby. “I think we played really well both games this week and it has been a great team feeling. I told the team before the game that sometimes this year people get tight, nervous, and kind of selfish. But I have probably never been around a team that has this good of a feeling at this time of year, where they are all for each other and they all have one goal in mind. I appreciate Troy University for letting me coach this team and we are having a great experience.” 

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Throughout the game, TROY maintained a dominating lead, ending the first quarter 24-11 and then tipping off at 38 on two occasions in the third quarter. This victory marks the Trojans’ ninth straight win in Trojan Arena, ending the 2023-24 season at 9-4, right before the Sun Belt Tournament. 

“It’s great,” said guard Leilani Guion. “The team’s energy and the atmosphere is good going into the tournament. Just knowing that everybody can produce starter plays, it’s great going into the tournament.” 

Now the Trojans must turn their attention to preparing for the tournament.  

“We drew it up on the board the date of the Sun Belt Conference Championship and visualized it before we worked back from there,” Rigby told TrojanVision. “In order to get there, which is our ultimate goal, we have to win three games in three days to win that tournament. So, we just have to take that one at a time. We will have a great plan for the team when they come in to start working backwards of who all we might play in that tournament to be best prepared for it.” 

The Trojans will take on the winner of Louisiana vs. Arkansas State in Pensacola, Florida on Friday, March 8.