Chanda Rigby’s impressive career wins gain recognition

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Five basketball championships in the last eight years are not an easy accomplishment for any sports team to make, but coach Chanda Rigby made it happen.

Rigby marked her 450th win streak when the women’s basketball team defeated Bowling Green. Rigby now has a 452-win streak, 224th at TROY 452.

“It’s a blessing, of course, because it shows that I kind of had some longevity in this business,” Rigby said. “The longer you’re in it, the more lives you can influence. That means a lot to me, but I’ve also been blessed with a great amount of winnings.”

While 450 was Rigby’s marker a few weeks ago as of college wins, she also has a few hundred others as a high school coach. According to Rigby, these wins specifically prepared her for the next chapter of coaching college basketball.

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The overall theme has been to encourage people to set higher goals and to have a faith filled vision. 

“It’s kind of uncommon, I think, at that many levels to win that much and I think it has taught me over and over and enables me to teach the young women I coach to really set a faith filled vision,” Rigby told TrojanVision. “We’re not just trying to take every game as it comes and see what happens, but we’re striving to do special things, striving to do impossible things.

Still to this day, we have impossible things we are trying to achieve in this year’s season. So hopefully that will transfer in the young lady’s lives as they go forward.”

“I am just grateful for the players that I have now and previously and the staff that I have now and previously,” Rigby said. “It takes a village to win championships and I certainly did not get here by myself. So, I’m grateful for all of those who have contributed.”

Rigby graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor’s degree in English education in 1990 and a master’s degree in secondary education in 1998. She earned her doctorate in higher education leadership from Nova Southeastern University in July 2017.

She is married to Ed Rigby, a high school football head coach and Athletic Director. The couple has two sons, Ramsey and Randon.