Troy Women’s Basketball triumphs over ULM

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — In a thrilling showdown this past Saturday, the TROY women’s basketball team showcased their prowess on the court, securing a resounding victory against the University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM).

Led by their indomitable seniors and fueled by sheer determination, the Troy Trojans emerged triumphant, marking yet another milestone in their remarkable season.

One standout performance that epitomized the team’s resilience was that of senior Tai’shieka Porchia.

Porchia’s stellar display on the court showcased her skills as she delivered another 20-point double-double. Her exceptional athleticism, coupled with her strategic prowess, proved instrumental in securing the team’s victory.

The game was a testament to the collective effort and unity of the Troy Trojans. Each player brought their A-game, seamlessly complementing one another’s strengths to overcome the formidable ULM team. From precision passes to impeccable defense, every aspect of their performance underscored their commitment to excellence.

Beyond the statistics and scoreboard, the victory was a celebration of the bonds forged through countless hours of practice, shared victories, and occasional setbacks. It was a testament to the unwavering spirit of camaraderie that defines the Troy Women’s Basketball team.

Coach Rigby’s words echoed the sentiments of the entire team as she commended the seniors for their exemplary leadership and dedication. Their impact extends far beyond the court, inspiring their teammates to strive for greatness both on and off the hardwood.

Looking ahead, Head coach Chanda Rigby says that she is excited for the games her team has ahead as the trojans aspire to get that double bye in the first round of the sunbelt tournament coming  up in the next few weeks , the Troy Trojans are poised to continue their winning ways, as the look to win another sunbelt tournament and earn a NCAA tournament bid.

As they continue to write their story, one game at a time, their unwavering resolve will undoubtedly carry them to new heights of success.