What you need to know about this year’s ISCO Festival

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — An annual event that showcases TROY’s international students is right around the corner.

The 2023 annual International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) Festival showcases international culture through food, performances and fun.

“It’s a very exciting night where a lot of people from different cultures going to come and perform their talents and and just share the culture in general,” said ISCO Vice President Clio Phan.

Students can purchase their tickets in the International Student Services office in Hawkins Hall room 008.

Student tickets are $12. Non-student tickets are $17.

“ISCO Festival is a very very fun thing that happen every year that a lot of students don’t really know about,” Phan told TrojanVision. “I just a way for Troy University to celebrate the diversity of our school and our pride as an international school.”

The 2023 ISCO Festival will be held Thursday, Nov. 16 inside the Trojan Center ballrooms.