Trojan Outreach gives tips for stress management

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — With final exams right around the corner, stress is at an all-time high for students.

Trojan Outreach has tips you can follow to deal with stress.

“Being prepared is key,” said Meagan Chaudron, peer educator for Trojan Outreach. “Don’t procrastinate. Go ahead and get a good final schedule, put it on a calendar so you know when your finals are, and you can start preparing early for them. And go ahead and make a study guide.”

Chaudron says some students get so overwhelmed they may even have a physical reaction to stress.

“It’s very common for students to get sick at the end of the year. That’s because of the stress that comes with finals, so if you see your friends starting to get sick, it’s probably because of stress.”

This is why peer educators say it’s crucial to prepare for final exams and always ask for help if you need it.

“You can go see your professors during their office hours or go to Eldridge because they have free tutoring there,” Chaudron said.

Chaudron also stresses the importance of being proactive and studying early.

“My biggest thing is don’t procrastinate. I have been guilty of that in the past, so just make sure you’re on top of things and you’re prepared. It is key for alleviating stress and not letting it all build up at the end of the year.”

Students can also visit the John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success (JWS Center) in Eldridge Hall or contact Student Counseling Services for more help.