UAC hosts Dinner Detective: Murder Mystery Dinner Show

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Last Wednesday, students were faced with a murder in the Trojan Center Ballrooms during a murder mystery dinner show that was armed with killer jokes.

Attendees had to solve the crime and find the killer who sat among them. To crack the case, students interrogated each other, asking each other questions such as, “When was the last time you lied?, “Have you ever been arrested?”,” and “Money, fame, or power?”

Clues were also given during the show, but nobody could solve the mystery, leading to surprise reveal.

Dinner Detective: Murder Mystery Dinner Show, a professional interactive comedy dinner performance company, was brought in to put on the show.

“The show is a murder mystery dinner theater, and we are all across America in many different large cities. Pensacola is one of our newest ones, which is the one that came out today,” Ryan Remington, and actor for the show told TrojanVision. “We show people a good time, give them a laugh, and hopefully they get to eat some good food.”

The event was hosted by the University Activities Council (UAC) members who wanted to bring an event to TROY that was nothing like it had done before.

“We went to a conference to go around and see what different events we could bring to our campus”, said Zion Graham-Lee, the Vice President of the UAC. “We sat in a room, and they were telling us about Dinner Detective, and we thought ‘oh, we’ve never done that before,’ it just seemed like the perfect fit for something to bring to campus.”