It Came from the Archives: Henry County’s ‘unusually complete’ history

January 24, 2020
By Dr. Marty Olliff

Every genealogist, and everyone who has ever talked with a genealogist, knows the importance of probate records to family history work.  In 19th century Alabama, the probate judge was the most powerful official in the lives of common citizens, and county probate offices hold an array of important records that tell us about our ancestors…

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It Came from the Archives: ‘The biggest parade ever staged in Dothan’

December 10, 2019
By Dr. Marty Olliff

The Great Depression had ravaged the United States for years when Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated president on March 4, 1933. His New Deal resulted in passage of 16 landmark bills in the first ever “Hundred Days” that ended on June 16.

On that 100th day, Congress passed the National Industrial Recovery Act, one…

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Green New Deal discussion needs to consider the ‘why’

October 4, 2019

submitted by Dr. Sig Harden

We would like to thank our colleague for starting the conversation about renewable energy in the perspective article in the August 22 Troy Today entitled “ A ‘renewable electric grid’ may be a mirage.”  This article illustrated many important points, and highlighted some of the challenges we face moving to a renewable…

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