Professor releasing new album featuring music faculty

Dr. Dave Camwell's new album, Second Wind, will be released on all major streaming platforms Dec. 15.

Dr. Dave Camwell's new album, Second Wind, will be released on all major streaming platforms Dec. 15.

Dr. Dave Camwell, an associate professor of music, will soon be releasing a new album, “Second Wind,” a collaborative effort by multiple professors in the John M. Long School of Music.

The Troy University grant-sponsored album, which began work in Fall 2017, features the talents of Dr. Heather Small, Dr. Hui-Ting Yang, Dr. Mark Walker, Dr. Inara Zandmane, Dr. Susan Fancher and Dr. Diane Orlofsky.

“I didn’t plan to feature female musicians so prominently on ‘Second Wind,’ but I’m happy that it worked out this way,” said Camwell when discussing the representation of women within the music faculty. “I simply asked the best people available to me to be on the recording, and it shows that I am surrounded by many talented female musicians. I am fortunate to be surrounded by talented colleagues both near and far, so I wanted to utilize their musical talents.”

A poster featuring reviews and information about Dr. Dave Camwell's new album Second Wind.

Dr. Camwell has performed across North America and collaborated with different artists in order to record multiple classical saxophone pieces.

“The best part of this experience was working with the large ensembles; there are actually three concerto works on this recording (two wind ensembles and a choir), and it is always a thrill for any musician to be in the spotlight with so many talented musicians working with you to make the finest music possible,” he said.

He received grants that allowed the music department faculty to collaborate on the album and offer beautiful renditions of classical music.

“Troy University provided two grants to help fund the various costs associated with making an album, promotion, personnel, etc.,” Dr. Camwell said. “For that, I am very grateful. It was exciting to be asked to perform a concerto in Calgary, Alberta, Canada last Spring, and so I arranged for that composition to be recorded as well.”

The album releases on Dec. 13.

“It will be available on all major streaming platforms,” Camwell said. “I do have some physical CDs as well.”