Phenix City triplets becoming TROY freshmen this fall

Triplets Katherine, William and Kay-Lin Hornsby will officially become Trojans this fall.

Triplets Katherine, William and Kay-Lin Hornsby will officially become Trojans this fall.

They were born together, they’ve lived together for 18 years, and now the Hornsby siblings will continue their journeys together at Troy University.

Triplets Katherine, William and Kay-Lin Hornsby will officially become Trojans this fall, and the recent Central High School (Phenix City, Alabama) graduates are excited to experience college with one another.

“It wasn’t originally the plan for us to go together,” said Katherine Hornsby. “We were looking at colleges we liked and that had good programs in our areas of interest, but then we toured a few of them. I don’t know what was so different about TROY, but the tour was way better. We had a great tour guide. Me and my sister have been to the summer camps for band, and my brother competes in [the Trumbauer Theatre Festival] with musical theater in school. It just felt way different when we were there.”

While the siblings all chose TROY, William was the last to make the decision.

“We were all interested in TROY from the jump, because of our interest in the band program as well as my interest in the theatre program,” he said. “We went for the marching band festival that TROY held, and I remember listening to Sound of the South. I decided that’s a band I have to be part of.”

Kay-Lin credited a great tour and good memories from high school with cementing TROY as her university of choice.

“I had already been to TROY many times before, and it was always really ‘homey’ to me,” she said. “I don’t want to be a in a huge city. I wanted a school with a marching band I could be in and a good nursing school. I really did enjoy the tour. They were able to accommodate for what we were interested in. They were able to set up meetings with people in different fields, helping to show us what we needed to do to succeed.”

Katherine and Kay-Lin plan to become involved with the Sound of the South, while Katherine also plans to get involved in various clubs on campus.

Staying together may also help smooth the transition from high school to college.

“Me and my sister and brother are very close anyways,” Katherine said. “We all have our own friends, but we’ve grown up around each other forever. If we did go to different colleges, we planned on once a month meeting up and exploring the cities, but I think it’s definitely the right decision to go together and make those memories together.”

The Hornsby triplets recreate the album cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road, walking across a street holding their graduation caps.

Despite the uncertainties associated with moving away from home, none of the siblings have any doubts they made the right choice.

“Part of what stood out about TROY when I toured was it’s a bigger university but it seems a lot closer to the feel that a small college would have,” said William, who plans to pursue theatre education as his major. “As I was making my decision, I thought that when I left whatever college I chose, I wanted to be able to leave with more than a degree. TROY had that, and also had smaller class sizes and a welcoming atmosphere.”

Kay-Lin and Kathering will also be roommates, because after all these years, they know how to make the arrangement work.

“Rooming with my sister, I don’t even know how we decided that,” said Kay-Lin, who will be a nursing major. “We all decided we were going to TROY, we know each other so well, and of course we fight, but we know how to live together already. It’ll help adjusting to the culture shock.”

Their mother, Kathy Hornsby, may be even more excited than the triplets.

“It’s time,” she laughed. “It’s time for them to head out. I’m ready for them to begin their journey as Trojans.”