Arby’s “Beefs Up” TROY Prom

Fast food chain Arby’s is “beefing up” the scholarship offered in this year’s TROY Prom.

Arby’s offered to match the scholarship money being given to the winners of TROY’s virtual dance contest, the TROY Prom. Organizers says the relationship grew out of social interactions on entries into the contest.

“We noticed in each of their comments Arby’s has really engaged with all of them,” says Director of Enrollment Marketing Autumn Baggett-Griggs. “So I reached out to them just to say thank you for helping us to spread awareness of what we have going on and we gave them an opportunity to see if they would like to participate in prom and we were shocked to see that they wanted to match our scholarship amount.”

Now the scholarship amount for each of the winners is $1,000 and the contest was extended to Wednesday April, 28 to accommodate any new interest.

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