Troy University Police Department offers students “Coffee With a Cop.”

Troy University Police were stopping students on the quad Wednesday morning but instead of tickets, they were handing out coffee.

“Coffee with a Cop” offered students a warm drink and a pastry on their way to their morning classes.

“Today’s a chance to kind of give back to the community for all they’re helping us do,” says University Police Sgt. John Daniel Johnson. “A chance just to get know our students a whole lot better, our faculty a whole lot better and a chance just to kind of humanize us to show that we’re not about just arresting people or writing parking tickets. It’s also about getting to know you on a more personal level.”

University Police Chief George Beaudry says events such as “Coffee with a Cop” are important to building relationships with the community.

“What we’re doing today, this event right here, is what is what law enforcement across the country needs to be doing,” says Beaudry. “Not necessarily coffee and pastries but just interaction with the public. I think that it’s important that the officers across the country, but especially here on campus, that we get out and relate to the community we serve.”

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