Sound of the South’s return to the field marks a return to normal for the band.

Troy University‘s Sound of the South is back on the turf of Veterans Memorial Stadium for pregame and halftime after having to spend a season in the stands due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Well it was difficult, but I tell you what, the flexibility of the students made it really work,” says Director of Bands Dr. Mark Walker.

This year the band is back marching on its home turf and has performed in five exhibitions since the start of the football season Dr. Walker says a return to the field is a return to normalcy for the Sound of the South.

“Oh, it was great. It was like Christmas,” says Walker. “I never thought that I would miss not marching like I did. It was remarkable how much I missed it and I think the rest of the band did too. I think it was unexpected and when we got back on the field for our first game it’s like ‘Oh man, we’re home. This is great.'”

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