Troy University’s Freshman Forum celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Troy University‘s Freshman Forum celebrated the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. through a ceremony held in John Lewis Hall.

This ceremony not only celebrated his fight for equal rights but also who he was as a person.

“He was more than just about the nonviolence,” says Freshman Forum Public Relations Chair Shayln Merida. “He was also about service so that’s why we did the canned food drive because we wanted to really focus on the service part and not just the marching and the speeches.”

King made a tremendous impact through servant leadership. A quality that has inspired Freshman Forum and the numerous organizations that attended the ceremony.

“On the Freshman Forum we try to put on events and do community service projects to help students throughout the campus and really try to give back to our community and give back to our school,” says Freshman Forum Member Emma Ellis.

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