Freshman Forum plants Trojan Pride

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Although TROY’s birthday may be over, the Student Government Association (SGA) and Freshman Forum are not done with the celebrations.

This week, the two committees were tasked with creating different events throughout the week.

“The Student Welfare Committee’s idea was to make a potting event with the help of NARCDC,” said Giavanni Fuller, a member of Freshman Forum.

Students were able to make a plant holder to take home. It was a part of Alma Mater Week, a week where students can come together to celebrate the school they love.

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“It’s a tradition for Freshman Forum to do our Alma Mater Week,” said Hannah Kate Baker, another member of Freshman Forum. “It’s basically where every committee in Freshman Forum is given a line of our alma mater, and then we’re given the creative abilities to do whatever we want with it.”

“Our alma mater lyric was, ‘to grow in knowledge, truth, and strength. Out journey never ends,’ so we thought what better way than to make a relaxing potting event,” Fuller said.

Other events planned for Alma Mater Week include tables at the Trojan Center and Instagram takeovers.

Baker said she is excited to see what the other committees’ ideas are.

“It’s really fun to see each committee and what they decide to do just to represent our school and see what our alma mater is all about from the lens of freshmen. I think it’s really important to learn how to come together with events and just get our student body here at TROY together. Just unite in any way we can.”

Overall, Alma Mater Week allows students from all over the world to come together as one TROY Nation.