Troy University’s Sorrell 360 Center holds resume workshop as part of its Open House week

Troy University‘s Sorrell 360 Center for Professional Life is a new program from the Sorrell College of Business designed to prepare students for the professional world.

All this week the center held an open house showing off what it will offer students including an opportunity for students to improve their resumes.

“I think with my resume I’m just wanting it to be the best it can,” says TROY Student Emma Grace Walker. “I think I have the experience but I’ve never really been through the classes and stuff to be able to make my resume the best it can be and have it professional but also still show the best qualities of me.”

Troy University’s Sorrell 360 Center allows students to receive professional help on their resumes and learn what’s to be expected during their job interviews.

“The purpose of doing a resume review is when the students come out they this piece of paper is a representation of them and they do well if it represents them well,” says Chair of the Department of Marketing and Law William Fox. “They have greater opportunity to get the second look or third look.”

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