Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business celebrates 50 years with every living dean

Fifty years of teaching business at Troy University was summed up in one afternoon as every living dean from the Sorrell College of Business gathered as a part of the college’s golden anniversary.

TROY students and deans were able to sit and share some of the college’s fondest memories.

“You know we’ve had a history,” says Dean of the Sorrell College of Business Dr. Judson Edwards. “I was a TROY student so I know just being able to connect with our faculty. We do create long lasting relationships. I’ve worked at other universities where they’re much larger and it’s a little more process oriented than personal oriented and that’s one thing about what I hope students will always get from the College of Business and Troy University is just that personal connection and a feeling of belonging and someone cares about them and their personal goals and interests.”

Edwards says the panel of deans was the perfect opportunity to reminisce about the good old days.

“We had a group that I thought we had fun,” says Edwards. “And just kind of talked about where we were and where we are now.”

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