Troy University’s School of Accountancy named in honor of William H. Carr

Troy University’s School of Accountancy is now known as the William H. Carr School of Accountancy.

The new name was officially announced Thursday afternoon.

The school was named for Carr due to the long relationship Carr’s accounting firm Carr, Riggs and Ingram has had with the university.

“I’m just so blessed to have a great relationship with Carr, Riggs and Ingram and Bill through the years,” says Dean of the Sorrell College of Business Judson Edwards. “They’ve hired hundreds of our graduates and so many of the partners in that firm. He’s meant a lot to our university and to our program.”

Edwards says naming the school adds prestige to the program and it being associated with such a well-known accountant contributes even more.

“For us in a business school setting, having a named School of Accountancy particularly someone like Bill Carr really helps raise the stature of our programs,” says Edwards. “It ties the core beliefs of Bill with what we do in the School of Accountancy, having strong ethical accounting programs and again it’s just a great honor for us to have it in the Sorrell College of Business.”

TROY alumnus and partner with Carr, Riggs and Ingram Doug Mims says the announcement was the end of a process that started over a decade ago.

“This is a culmination of something that took place quite frankly almost 20 years ago,” says Mims. “Bill Carr made a gift at that time and had a gentleman’s agreement with the chancellor that when the time was right we would change the name of the school of accountancy and so Bill didn’t want to do it until he was closer to retirement and getting out of our firm so as not to alienate other firms. So today is when we unveiled William H. Carr School of Accountancy and I think it’s monumental for our firm. It’s a great tribute to Bill and his career and his family and I think it means a lot to the Southeastern United States quite frankly and and the accounting profession as a whole.”

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