Students mingle with new international students at ISCO game night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Students grabbed their games and got the chance to meet new people at the International Student Cultural Organization’s (ISCO) game night.

“We had snacks, games, and fun meeting new people,” said new President Haley Morgan. “I think it’s important to show people what we’re here for.”

This event was a relaxed way for students to socialize and have fun.

“We started playing domino’s, and three moves into it, I lost,” said Morgan. “I couldn’t make any more connections and I was done. So I just sat there as the referee, making sure everyone was playing straight.”

With the new semester in full swing, ISCO strives to bring international and domestic students together through fun events like this.

Morgan continued, “It really introduces a bunch of new people into what ISCO is. I think we got the word around really well and made a good impression.”

With a newly-elected board and revised constitution, ISCO’s main goal this semester is to focus on growing its numbers.

“We fell off during COVID. Some of us who came right after know that there used to only be four of us,” Morgan explained.

Most importantly, ISCO members say they want to create meaningful connections between students.

“Really, it’s just about bringing the students together and meeting all the new exchange students who came in.”

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