Students find their match during dating game show

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — The Troy University Activities Council (UAC) helped students feel the love this Valentine’s Day with a dating game show. 

“We thought we would bring back a very, very old television show called ‘The Dating Game,’” said Sadaris Williams, UAC faculty advisor.

During the game, one bachelorette had the opportunity to ask three eligible bachelors questions of her choosing in order to narrow down her prospective date.

Questions included, “I’m in my workout era right now, so like if we went to the gym, what would our workout be?”

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The catch? The bachelorette couldn’t see any of the bachelors and they couldn’t see her. After each round, the bachelorette eliminated one bachelor until there was only one left.

Students lined the walls, as this event was so popular, there weren’t even enough chairs to seat them all.

“I feel like it went pretty well,” said student bachelor Brandon Wilkins. “I ended up winning. I was actually thinking about talking to her outside of this and seeing if I could take her out on a date.”

Bachelorette Rose Hilaron said the dating game show took her out of her comfort zone.

“This is not something I would do, I don’t really see myself, like, being on a blind date.”

At last check, Hilaron and Wilkins hadn’t revealed whether they would be going on that first date.