TROY dedicates portrait to former Rep. Terry Everett

May 13, 2019

Troy University dedicated a portrait Thursday to longtime U.S. Rep. Terry Everett, who represented the Wiregrass for nearly two decades.

The portrait, painted by artist Elana Hagler, will be displayed inside R. Terry Everett Hall at the University’s Dothan Campus, an enduring monument to a man who has left a lasting impression on the region.

“I think Terry Everett is one of the greatest Alabamians that I have ever known, and I’ve known quite a number,” said Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr. “It was with honor and pride that we put his name on this building. He earned that right. With his name on the exterior, we thought it appropriate to have a beautiful reflection of him on the interior, and that’s why we commissioned a world class artist in Elana Hagler to do this portrait. She did a magnificent job.”

Rep. Terry Everett stands to the left of a new portrait in his honor inside the Michelin Room at Troy University's Dothan Campus. On the right side of the portrait, Barbara Everett and Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., stand.
(Left to right) Rep. Terry Everett, Barbara Everett and Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., surround the new portrait.

Hawkins credited Everett and his wife, Barbara, for their numerous contributions to TROY throughout the years, including endowing a professorship and donating his congressional files to the University’s Wiregrass Archives.

“He is self-made but has always been more concerned with others than himself,” Hawkins said. “Terry and Barbara are great leaders who have made an impact not only in the Wiregrass but throughout the state and nation. He made a huge difference in this country, and he stands for the qualities that I think have made this country great – integrity, commitment, persistence and faith. He’s a great American.”

In addition to the portrait, the building named in Everett’s honor also houses the Everett Congressional Library.

“Congressman Everett represented the Wiregrass for a long time, and he continually works for the people of his state and of his country,” said Dr. Don Jeffrey, Vice Chancellor of the Dothan Campus. “This is a great day of honoring a great American. The Bible says it best: To whom much has been given, much shall be required. Congressman Everett lives that every day of his life, and he has given so much during that time.”

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