ISCO gets crafty at paint night

TROY, Ala. (TROJANVISION) — Domestic and international students gathered for a night of painting and making friends. 

Recently, the International Student Cultural Organization (ISCO) hosted a paint night with a twist. 

“We wanted to do something with painting just because it is fun and relaxing, and we thought the environment might be nice for a sort of speed dating type thing, [but] just like making friends,” said Nautica Morgan the president of ISCO. “I thought it would be a good structure to get people to talk to each other.” 

After ten minutes of talking and painting, participants swapped seats, which put them face-to-face with people they might have never met before.  

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Jeong Yumlin, an international student from South Korea said she enjoyed talking about South Korean culture when meeting new people.  

“Making a common interest point is very important to conversations with new friends. For example, when I make new friends, I talk about Korean culture and Korean food.” 

According to Caleb Reichbaum, a senior at TROY, meeting new people and making friends is vital, and can make or break your study aboard experience. 

“For a lot of people, the difference between having your study abroad experience be transcendent or actually depressing is the connections that you make,” Reichbaum told TrojanVision. “With an event like this, you have an activity you can focus on but you are also getting to know people.” 

The paint night was one of many events that ISCO has held throughout the semester.